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Much ado about chiringuitos

If there were any SUR in English readers who didn’t know the word the Spanish use for beach bars and restaurants a few months ago, they certainly do now. ‘The chiringuitos must all come off the sand’, threatened one headline; ‘Government agrees to negotiate over chiringuitos’, promised another, followed by reports of the chiringuito owners [...]

The influence of nationality

However much the world is becoming globalised, however much we travel around and even settle in other countries, however integrated a foreigner may feel in a society, foreigners are still foreigners. Even adopting the nationality of your new home still makes you of foreign origin.
The news we read and hear every day only emphasises how [...]

Being human

This Monday morning I have noticed that the news on to have collected the most comments over the weekend is a short item about the Catholic church linking two current issues: child abuse in religious schools and abortion.
“Abortion worse than abuse, says Spanish Cardinal” reads the headline, whose correctness was disputed in one of [...]