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Swine flu flies to Spain

First it was mad cow disease, then bird flu and now swine flu. If we human beings didn’t have enough health fears of our own, the animal kingdom comes along and provides a few more, reminding us yet again that when it comes to examining cells under a microscope we are all more or [...]

A person rather than a party

It’s been all change at the Junta de Andalucía this week. The departure of Manuel Chaves to Madrid has led to a complete shake-up of the regional government under the new President José Antonio Griñán, a man who has emerged from the shadow of Chaves as someone determined to make some changes, rather than simply [...]

Magdalena Álvarez – on a fast train from Madrid to Malaga

As anticipated Zapatero has announced his Cabinet reshuffle. New blood to bring new ideas or strategies aimed at getting us out of this deepening recession. After 19 years at the helm of the Junta de Andalucía granted by six electoral victories, Manuel Chaves has been summoned back to Madrid to become the third of three Deputy Prime [...]

Semana Santa, the pull of faith

Semana Santa is upon us.  With it comes the usual debate, at least among those of us who are not directly involved, about whether the Holy Week processions are pure religious devotion, folklore, culture or simple tradition.
What we do know is that this week’s celebrations have a pull powerful enough to make thousands of people, of all ages walk [...]