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Missing Marta

Seventeen year old Marta del Castillo went missing practically from outside her front door last Saturday evening in Seville. The clock has stopped for another family. A void has opened up in a neighbourhood where the only talk in the streets, normally full of cheerful chatter, is to ask if there’s any news.

Someone somewhere knows [...]

Snow, airports and accents

It was cold at the end of last week, very cold. So cold that it snowed in much of Spain, causing disruptions left, right and centre. And the greatest disruption of all was at Madrid’s Barajas Airport which closed for around five hours last Friday.
Those of us familiar at all with public transport in the [...]

Dialogue in the dock

The Kings holiday is over and after more than two weeks of more days off than on we have suddenly come down to earth with a bump. The same thing has happened in the headlines as now more political and social news is creeping in to replace the holiday reports of gender violence and road [...]